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As soon as you have made the decision to organize a multilingual event, whether it is a meeting, a conference, a seminar, an annual general meeting or some other kind of event, you should contact Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services for advice concerning, and a quote for, the interpreting regime required to make it a success.

Based on its long-term experience, Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services can provide advice and tips regarding the number of languages required for your event; which should be the active languages, i.e. languages that may be spoken by the participants and into which interpreting will be provided, and whether there should also be one or more passive languages, i.e. languages which the participants may speak, but into which no interpretation will be provided.
After having mapped out your specific needs, Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services will draw up a quote. The quote will not be submitted until the interpreters have been booked on a preliminary basis by means of an option. This is in order to make sure that the quote is consistent with the subsequent contract. The interpreters remain bound by the option until the deadline defined in the quote. 
Although there may be interpreters residing in Denmark that provide interpreting into a given language, they may not always have the subject-related expertise or competencies required for your meeting. Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services always recruits professional interpreters with the best qualifications, and for that reason we sometimes have to get them from another country.
Once the quote has been accepted by the client, a contract will be drawn up setting out the terms and conditions applying to cancellations and payment.
We can also help you find a supplier of technical equipment for events involving simultaneous interpreting and whispered interpreting, for instance:

The preparation of the interpreters is crucial for a successful outcome...

Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services undertakes to collect and forward all documents, including programme, agenda, speeches and presentations, to the interpreters prior to the meeting, conference, congress, event or annual general meeting.
With Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services you sign only one single contract for the all the interpreting services provided at your event. In this way you do not have to sign a contract with every single interpreter involved – and for some events there may be a lot of them.
Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services is the contractual partner of the interpreters. For every event, a team leader (the so-called ‘chef d’équipe’) is appointed to act as liaison between the organizers and the interpreters.
In other words:
With Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services you get one contact, one contract and one invoice!
Calliope Interpreters International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

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