A selection of statements from our clients...
"Linda Hoffmeyer has assisted in the planning of conferences, the setting-up of interpreting teams and the recruitment of interpreters with widely different language combinations. One of the biggest challenges was several large meetings and conferences organized in connection with the Danish EU presidency.

Linda Hoffmeyer has often solved assignments for us under extremely difficult conditions and at very short notice. But also under those circumstances did she prove her capacity of staying on top of complexity, of having a flair for people, and of being extremely pleasant to work with. "

The Danish Parliament
"Tout s’est très bien passé. Les interprètes ont fait un excellent travail et notre coopération s’est déroulée sans aucune difficulté. C’était donc une situation idéale, dont je rêve pour chaque Assemblée générale CPRM!Je conserve précieusement avec moi la brochure CALLIOPE et ne manquerai pas de recontacter un représentant si l’occasion se présente.Très cordialement"

Marie-Agnès CHARON
Directrice du secretariat CRPM
"Dear Linda,
just a quick word to thank you most warmly for sending us two super professional interpreters. It was a pleasure."

"Dear Linda and team
Thank you so much for the sweet Christmas greetings the contents of which will be savoured as Christmas approaches and we think fondly of good business partners, who make my job so much easier. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your colleagues – and the interpreters that you recruit for us from outside your own crowd. Merry Christmas and once again thanks a lot."

Novo Nordisk
"Dear Linda
Warm thanks for your help with the event yesterday. I am so glad that you and your interpreters were recommended to me. The two women were extraordinary, and it was fascinating to watch them work. I was very impressed by their skills – such beautiful English. It was easy to see the persons behind the voices, which were full of life and nuances. Simultaneous interpreting would probably have created a smoother event, but this solution also worked well. However, there is no doubt that it takes language skills at this high level to prevent the listeners from growing tired. I have received plenty of extremely positive feedback!"

Louis Poulsen
"Dear Linda Hoffmeyer,
I would like to thank you for excellent cooperation and a highly professional interpreting job at our conference. Your team was one of the reasons for a very successful outcome. I hope to be able to retain your services again in future.”

"Dear Linda,
I am so glad that I managed to thank Sabine and you for a job well done during the conference – please pass on my thanks to the other interpreters. At a conference communication is crucial, and you certainly helped create a positive dialogue. Your services were extremely helpful for our guests and thanks to you they were able to contribute to our discussions – so thanks a lot! I hope to be able to come back in future."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
"Dear all,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most warmly for an amazing job in connection with the conference organized by us from Thursday to Saturday last week. We owe much of our success to your professional and competent interpreters. We have heard nothing but praise from the customer, and we of course want to pass it on to you."

The Competence Company

Calliope Interpreters International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

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