Consecutive interpreting
With consecutive interpreting the speaker delivers his speech in passages during which the interpreter listens, memorises and takes notes. The speaker then pauses to allow the interpreter to render his message into the target language

After an appropriate passage and/or depending upon the message to be translated, the interpreter will render the meaning and contents of the spoken language into the target language. Consecutive interpreting is typically used for short meetings, e.g. meetings between ministers or business executives, small business meetings, contractual negotiations and dinners attended by people speaking different languages. 
Consecutive interpreting may be supplemented with whispered interpreting, provided that the number of participants in the meeting is sufficiently low. Depending upon the duration of the assignment, one interpreter is sufficient. Using consecutive interpreting will effectively double the time required for the meeting, and the organizers of a meeting need to allow for this in their planning.

”Thank you for excellent interpretation. Our delegation was deeply impressed by the interpreter’s ability to remember, take notes and translate what we said.
It contributed to the success of the meeting”
Statement made by a Chinese participant in the Copenhagen Climate summit in December 2009
Calliope Interpreters International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

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