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Today, the large majority of meetings, conferences, seminars, events, board meetings and annual general meetings are attended by people flying in from abroad.


Most of them prefer to be able to speak in and listen to their own language in order to optimize the value of their attendance.

Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services assist in defining the language regime and the number of interpreters required for a given event. And timing is crucial – it is important to decide already at the start of the planning process which languages will be spoken by the speakers and which languages the participants need to be able to listen to. 

It should also be considered whether the participants need to be able to put questions and contribute to discussions in their own language.

In other words: you need professional conference interpreters to handle communication and enable all participants at an event to say: 



”We understand!”


For Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services, quality is key.  

The conference interpreting profession has not yet been subjected to certification, quality assurance or regulation.


Against this background we find that the only way in which to ensure the highest quality and compliance with ethics and professional standards is to use properly trained and top professional interpreters in our teams.

An overwhelming part of the interpreters we recruit are members of AIIC or accredited by the EU institutions, and this has allowed them to glean considerable experience from many different types of meetings, conferences, seminars, congresses, board meetings and annual general meetings in both the private and the public sector – including ministries, public bodies and international organizations.

Request a quote tailored to your specific needs, and it will be in your in-tray within a couple of days. 


Calliope Interpreters International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

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