Our code of professional ethics
As Linda Hoffmeyer and all interpreters recruited by Hoffmeyer Interpreting Services are accredited by the EU and/or members of AIIC, they are subject to a very strict code of professional ethics.

Founded in 1953, AIIC is the only global association of professional conference interpreters. Membership of AIIC requires the fulfilment of rigorous quality criteria, and this is reflected in the total number of AIIC members, which is only 3,000 interpreters at the global level. All members are subject to AIIC’s ”Code of professional ethics”, and this means that they:
  • Observe absolute and total professional secrecy
  • Are only allowed to accept work for which they are fully qualified
  • Will prepare thoroughly for a meeting
  • Must secure working conditions that ensure the best quality interpretation

If necessary, the interpreters will also sign special confidentiality agreements (NDA’s).
Calliope Interpreters International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

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